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Javelot takes the dust off silo management
Quality, safety, maintenance, Javelot launches a solution for digitising procedures dedicated to storage sites Javelot is launching a new module that will enable storage organisations to...Read more

Published on 12/06/2024

The three ventilation levels recommended by Arvalis
The temperature of the grains at harvest time is generally around 30°C. Mould and storage insects can develop rapidly....Read more

Published on 30/05/2024

Your Dedicated Contact Persons for the European and Global Markets!
Our teams are there for you internationally. Following the opening of our German subsidiary, Agritech is proud to be continuing its ascent in the international markets...Read more

Published on 03/05/2024

Automated ventilation more efficient than programmed or manual ventilation mode
A case study was carried out on 23 storage sites and over 500,000 tonnes of stored cereals. The results show that...Read more

Published on 19/03/2024

Our solution for optimising your cereal logistics flows - Plan&save
Last autumn, we merged with Agrisight, Agritech specialising in optimising post-harvest logistics. Read the interview with Pierre Boucher, founder of Agrisight, who is now Director of...Read more

Published on 16/02/2024

Grain storage hypervision: Thanks to our probes and connected equipment, your storage data can be accessed via a single application.
Thanks to a wide range of thermometry probes and connected equipment, Javelot's hypervision and optimisation platform for the grain storage conditions,Read more

Published on 29/01/2024

Javelot and Agrisight join forces to create a European champion in AgriTech
Javelot and Agrisight join forces to create a European champion in AgriTech Lille, 21 September 2023 Javelot becomes majority shareholder in Agrisight. By combining two solutions...Read more

Published on 20/09/2023

View our new corporate image film
Javelot has come a long way in the last 5 years. It was time to rework our brand platform to fully express who we are today, what we stand for and what we want to...Read more

Published on 20/09/2023

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