How about simplifying farm storage?

« Innovation Silo, Javelot’s innovative partnership that will link on-farm storing farmers with their trader storage organization.

Together, let’s move towards storage expertise and reduce the use of storage insecticides.”

Innovation Silo, the committed partnership.

The partnership that reduces your storage costs.

Innovation silo is the combination of the specific skills of storage organizations, specialists in grain preservation, and those of Javelot,  digital expert in the bulk storage of agricultural raw materials.

Our commitment : To bring this dual expertise to provide personalized and comprehensive support for on-farm storage and to simplify the management and monitoring of these sites.

A real training and support tool, Innovation silo is a management tool for monitoring the proper management of stocks remotely and providing the necessary advice to farmers storing raw materials.

Innovation Silo, your data available remotely.


Temperature monitoring

Ventilation automation

Innovation Silo, customized services

Progressive services proposed to accompany you towards a conservation without recourse to storage insecticides.

  • Basic Service : Remote temperature monitoring
The user remains the sole manager of the ventilation.
  • Intermediate Service : Temperature monitoring accompanied by a recommendation of the right ventilation ranges.
The user is advised here to improve ventilation and adapt the ventilation ranges to suit his objectives. Ventilation is always triggered manually.
  • Expert Service: Temperature monitoring and automatic triggering of ventilation.
Significant reduction of costs linked to ventilation, automatic and remote management of storage.

Innovation Silo, several tools at your disposal.

Web & Mobile Application
Thermometry-sensor probe
Ventilation Decision Support Tool
Automatic ventilation