Reduce your costs,
activate your ventilation remotely.

Warm-up alert?

Automatically turn on the ventilation and follow up the cooling of your stored grain directly from your smartphone or computer.

Javelot stockage à plat ventilation Flat


Cost reduction

Real time management

Follow the right ventilation
ranges to optimize grain quality

Courbes de températures Javelot

Intercept the right
ventilation ranges

Suivi ventilation heures

Control your ventilation to reduce your costs
and enhance your traceability.

The connected box  

Venti Javelot boîtier automatisation

This solution is suitable for ventilators of all powers.

  • 4 operating modes :
    Manual / Remote / Autonomous / Aeration
  • Set your conditions :
    Off-peak hours /Target temperature / Delta of good ventilation
  • Control your costs in real time
  • Early warning system (2G/3G/4G Network)