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Test the power of digital tools and data to optimize post-harvest operations and thus preserve all the value of the grain  
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*Preserving the value of grain through data collection

Our connected solutions

Cooperatives, traders, farmers …
Our agtech proposes solutions which meet the needs of all those involved in the post-harvest process. 
Whether it is optimising grain storage, agricultural logistics flows or sales performance… find out how our solutions can help you preserve the full value of your grain.


Take the right decisions in order to preserve the full value 
of your grain by discovering our connected solution
Store&save. And take a step further by optimising
your logistics flows with our connected
solution Plan&save.

Find out more about our storage solution >Find out more about our logistics solution >


Is your grain overheating? With our Store&save DST solution, you will be alerted in case of hot spots, which will enable you to take immediate action so you can preserve the value of your cereal stock.

Find out more about our storage solution >
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