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More and more of you are storing your crops on the farm: our Store&save platform allows you to do so with peace of mind and to preserve the full value of your stock. Be alerted if overheating occurs, control ventilation, avoid insect growth, benefit from full traceability: our solution guarantees you optimum conservation at a maximised selling price.
+ 10 €/tonne (less discounts, more bonuses).
100 % peace of mind with hot spot alerts.
20 to 30% energy savings with ventilation control.
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How it works
Once your storage unit is equipped with our connected sensors and the fan connection box (equipment supplied by Javelot and installed by you), the temperature and ventilation data is sent to the application in real time, allowing you to monitor changes in temperatures remotely, as well as to receive alerts in the event of hot spots and to optimise ventilation control.

Solution features

and alerts

Temperature monitoring and alerts

Your temperature data feeds back in real time from all your sites. Hot spot alerts allow you to react in time.

Javelot Plus

Reliable alerts, already analysed by our teams to avoid untimely notifications.

Ventilation control

Automate ventilation in order to ventilate only when the temperature difference between outside air and grain is sufficient to provide actual cooling.

Javelot Plus

Energy monitoring combined with ventilation and analysis of ventilation performance.


Retrieve your temperature and ventilation histories for all your locations with one click and edit them at any time.

Javelot Plus

All data exportable in PDF or Excel over the chosen period
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Farm storage

Partnership with grain storage companies

Are you interested in equipping yourself with our solution ? Ask your cooperative or grain storage company if they are a Javelot partner. Actually, several cooperatives and traders have chosen to equip their storekeeper members/delivery companies with our thermometry solution. This gives farmers a solution that is partly paid for by their GSG (Grain Storage Companies). As for GSG, this guarantees quality delivery, while providing all the traceability data it needs.
« C’est vraiment un confort d’utilisation. Je regarde les températures sur mon smartphone tous les jours »
Cedrick Mangenot, agriculteur en Meurthe-et-Moselle
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Our equipment

To connect all types of storage facilities and make our Store&save ® platform accessible to everyone. 

With a wide range of equipment, we connect all types of storage to feed all your temperature and ventilation data back to the Store&save ® platform in real time.

All our equipment operates on low-frequency radio networks, ensuring optimal data transmission regardless of your 3G/4G coverage.

Thermometry & ventilation


single sensor probe for flat storage


multi-sensor probe for vertical cells


connection box to turn on your fans remotely
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