Secure the quality
of the grain stored on the farm

You want to guarantee an optimal preservation of the grain, whether stored in your industrial silos or on the farm. With StoreInFarm, you will enable the farmers to preserve the value of the grain stored on the farm, while guaranteeing an optimal quality and traceability for post-harvest deliveries.
Control stock quality and traceability on all volumes
Secure direct farm departures
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Preserve the value of your grain,
regardless of where it is stored
StoreInfarm is our service dedicated to storage facilities aiming to support their farmers in improving on-farm storage practices. With an estimated 30 to 40 % of cereals stored on farms, the challenge for StoreInFarm is to guarantee optimum grain preservation, whether stored at the storage organisation or on the farm. The aim is twofold: to enable farmers to preserve the value of their stocks by controlling quality through data monitoring and to ensure that storage organisations can control the quality and traceability of stocks for all volumes delivered to customers, whether stored in industrial silos or on farms.

How does StoreinFarm work?

Connecting the storage facilities
Access to the Store&save application
Dedicated support

Connecting the storage facilities

Javelot provides the storage organisation with the necessary equipment for those wishing to equip themselves:
  • "Flat" thermometry probes to be installed in flat storage systems, they can be used to send temperature data back to the application.
  • BS antenna makes it possible to avoid white zones and transmit data to the application using low-speed cellular connectivity.
  • Automated ventilation connects to all existing ventilation systems in order to trigger them remotely.
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Access to the Store&save application

Once the storage of your client is connected, the data is uploaded in real time to Javelot's Store&save application, which has two levels of access:
  • Farmer access: They can view the changes of the temperature of their storage from their smartphone or computer, wherever they are. They receive alerts if a hot spot is detected. And for those who choose the ventilation option, they can set the ventilation in an automated mode and optimise the electricity consumption linked to the storage ventilation.
  • Storage facility access: with a hypervision of all storages on the partner farms, guaranteeing greater traceability of storage conditions and better control of stock quality and insect risk.

Dedicated support

From the shipment of the equipment to maintenance, after-sales service and follow-up, and of course the app user training, Javelot's teams are available to enable the storage organisation and the farmers to gain maximum value from the platform, in particular by :
  • training users to use the app
  • equipment maintenance
  • technical support.
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"After 5 years of effective use in our industrial silos, it seemed logical to us to also deploy the Javelot service to our members".
Testimony of Dijon Céréales
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