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Test the power of digital tools and data to optimize post-harvest operations and thus preserve all the value of the grain  
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*Preserving the value of grain through data collection


Javelot is a fast-growing company, structured around a strong team with a wide range of skills. Whatever your experience, find out about our lines of business and see what we have to offer to become a stakeholder in the 3rd agricultural revolution with us.
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Customer service and experience

The Customer Services team is made up of employees with agricultural expertise and excellent interpersonal skills.

They are central to our commitment to our customers, offering a personalised service, sound advice and daily technical support.

They develop lasting relationships with each of our customers.

Production and R&D

The Production and R&D department is made up of technical experts capable of developing, installing and maintaining our solutions. They contribute to every stage of the process, from design to installation and are committed to Research and Development.

By putting their technical knowledge to good use, they guarantee the quality of our solutions and ensure customer satisfaction.


The sales team responds to the specific needs of agricultural grain storage companies.
Its dynamic approach helps to build lasting partnerships with our customers, offering solutions tailored to their business and needs.

Their business expertise and knowledge of the agricultural sector are key assets in ensuring the growth and satisfaction of our customers.

Web development

Technological innovation is at the heart of the Developers' department.

This team designs and creates state-of-the-art solutions, using the latest technologies and best practices in web development.

Employees take part in variety of stimulating projects, helping to shape our customer experience.

Communication & Marketing

The Communication & Marketing team is creative and attentive.

By managing online presence and creating engaging content, the team makes Javelot shine.

Their expertise is a major asset in strengthening the company’s position on the market and reaching its target audiences.

Resources (HR/Finance)

Human Resources and Finance are two key pillars at Javelot.

By developing a strong corporate culture, the team promotes professional development and ensures the well-being of its employees.

It also ensures strong financial management and optimises performance by supporting our sustainable growth.
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