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Test the power of digital tools and data to optimize post-harvest operations and thus preserve all the value of the grain  
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*Préserver la valeur du grain grâce à la collecte de données

Thermometry: our equipment for real-time monitoring of your temperature data

Flat'Javelot: single sensor probe for flat storage

Mobile, flexible and ready to use, this probe is suitable for all flat storage applications. It is planted directly in the pile (recommended 1 probe per 300 t of grain).
  • Digital thermometer
  • 1 localised measurement point
  • Accuracy up to 0.25°C
  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof
  • ATEX battery
  • Data transmission via low-frequency radio
Sonde mono-capteur Javelot
Sonde multi-capteurs pour stockage vertical du grain

Verti'Javelot: multi-sensor probe for vertical cells

Tailor-made, this equipment is suitable for all vertical cells with no height limit.. Sensors positioned along the entire length of the flexible cable guarantee temperature measurement at all levels of the grain.  It is installed by us, 

The transmitter head (1)

  • Outdoor installation 
  • Transmitter head of the messages collected via the cable (antenna)
  • IP66 rated (water and dust proof)
  • Data transmission via low-frequency radio

The probe (2)

  • Installation indoors before storage 
  • Thermometric sensors placed at regular intervals (tailor-made)
  • Certified cable, shielded, ATEX
  • Maximum length 28m
  • Accuracy up to 0.5°C
  • Tailor-made length of 'extension cord'.

Javelot Connect: box for connecting already installed probes

For all existing analogue and digital vertical probes.

You have an existing but unconnected set of sensors. You have an existing but unconnecWe connect to any probe system, whether new (digital) or old (analogue), and digitise the information.ted fleet of sensors.

  • Transmitter box for messages collected by your analogue probe
  • Reading: 1 to 14 sensors per probe 
  • 24VDC power supply
Boîtier de connexion pour sondes multi-capteurs
Centralisation de données captées par les autres boîtiers

Virtual Thermo

This system can be connected to other temperature monitoring systems already installed locally. It uses Raspberry to retrieve temperature data that is transmitted to the Javelot infrastructure via the 4G network. It makes the Store&Save platform and its ventilation algorithm accessible to all the sites of a grain storage companies, by adapting to the existing infrastructure.

Ventilation: our equipment for controlling your fans

Venti'Javelot: connection box to turn on your fans remotely

This solution is suitable for fans of all sizes.

Control your ventilation. You can turn it on automatically at the right time, when temperatures are ideal, without being on site. It's possible and compatible with any ventilation system.

  • Preventive warning system (2G/3G/4G network)
Boîtier de contrôle de ventilation

Insect trap: our equipment for early insect detection

Piège à insecte pour une détection précoce des insectes dans votre stock

IoTrap: our connected insect trap

Made of perforated stainless steel and includes a camera, the trap is planted directly in the grain. The insects are photographed daily, inside the tank. The photos are then analysed by Artificial Intelligence, which identifies the photographed insect.

The trap uses a mains-powered relay which communicates by radio-frequency with the traps installed and sends the data to a server so that it can be accessed directly on the Javelot platform.

  • Insect detection and early identification
  • USB rechargeable
  • Easy to install
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