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Test the power of digital tools and data to optimize post-harvest operations and thus preserve all the value of the grain  
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*Preserving the value of grain through data collection
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Take part in a great adventure

Joining Javelot means taking part in a meaningful project where everyone can measure the real impact of their work on major social issues.

It also means joining a rapidly growing company, with many challenges to overcome where employees have the freedom to work independently.

Finally, it means joining a company where life is good, recently awarded the "Happy at work" label.
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Believe their work is worthwile


Believe they have the means to achieve their objectives


You're looking for meaningful work that's in line with current social issues.

Joining Javelot means contributing to the 3rd agricultural revolution and having a strong positive impact on our agriculture's competitiveness and sustainability.


Join a fast-growing company, where every member of our team plays an essential role in our success.

At Javelot, we value responsibility and encourage initiative, giving you the freedom to make the right decisions and innovate.


Javelot provides a warm and friendly working environment that encourages collaboration and goodwill.

For us, it's very important to be able to support each other and develop in a friendly environment.

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Values defined collectively



Confidence is the key value.
At Javelot
  • At Javelot, we have confidence in the future, in ourselves and in our ability to build a better world.
  • At Javelot, we trust a priori and do our utmost to develop a framework of security with our teams and our customers in order to encourage commitment and enable everyone to progress.
  • At Javelot, we want to be worthy of confidence confidence is fragile. We do everything we can to establish it over the long term.


Working as a team means knowing that we progress faster together !
At Javelot
  • We are teaming up with our partners and the post-harvest players in order to further this essential link of the agricultural value chain. We are working together towards a common goal and a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • We develop a team spirit where solidarity and benevolence give the team its full strength.


To progress means doing better than yesterday.
At Javelot
  • Progress is first and foremost about human progress . Listening to the industry, its players and our customers, so that together we can identify ways forward. Listening to our teams, and giving everyone the means to progress in their work.
  • The technological innovation is a means of progress. At Javelot, we continue to innovate, aiming for a simpler, more efficient and more responsible post-harvest.


Commitment means striving to do your best, being driven by the meaning we find in our work and the trust that is placed in us.
At Javelot
  • We are committed to making agriculture more efficient and more sustainable. We are an impact company and are committed to that !
  • We are committed to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our daily priority.
  • We are committed to our teams. Empowering people, helping them grow and creating a working environment which leads to individual development are at the heart of our HR policy.
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