The digital expert in the bulk storage
of agricultural raw materials

Let’s go together towards insecticide free, reducing your storage costs.

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Manage remotely
your storage.

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your trips.

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Ensure a
good traceability.

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Reduce your costs,
by optimising cooling.

monitored tonnes

temperature readings

alerts per month

Optimize your storage

Regardless of your type of business, Javelot is committed to supporting your teams, your affiliated partners and your customers in the daily storage management of agricultural raw materials and crops.

Our commitment is to reduce your costs and improve the quality of your storage.

stockage à plat Flat
Single-sensor probe

Single-sensor thermometry probe,
mobile and flexible. This solution is suitable for
all your flat floor storages.

verti Javelot cellules verticales
Multi-sensor probe

Multi-sensor thermometry probe,
fixed and customizable. This solution is suitable for
all your vertical silo.

venti Javelot ventilation
Automatic ventilation

Automate the triggering of your
ventilation. Optimize the cooling of your
grain, remotely.