Category: Storage

The three ventilation levels recommended by Arvalis
The temperature of the grains at harvest time is generally around 30°C. Mould and storage insects can develop rapidly....Read more

Published on 30/05/2024

Insect risk prevention: recommendations from Arvalis
The presence of live insects in stocks is an obstacle to grain marketing. To remedy this, ARVALIS - Institut du végétal recommends...Read more

Published on 30/05/2024

The majority of insect pests do not come from fields
Despite all the efforts made throughout the year to eliminate potential insect nests, every year there is still a risk of pests developing at...Read more

Published on 30/05/2024

Grain storage hypervision: Thanks to our probes and connected equipment, your storage data can be accessed via a single application.
Thanks to a wide range of thermometry probes and connected equipment, Javelot's hypervision and optimisation platform for the grain storage conditions,Read more

Published on 29/01/2024

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