Javelot and Agrisight join forces to create a European champion in AgriTech

Published on 09/20/2023

Javelot and Agrisight join forces to create a European champion in AgriTech

Lille, 21st of September 2023

Javelot becomes majority shareholder in Agrisight. By combining two market-leading solutions (Javelot's digital grain storage optimisation solution and Agrisight's digital platform dedicated to optimising the supply chain and the commerce of cooperatives and traders), this strategic merger will create a European leader in the digital transformation of the post-harvest sector, able to support industry players across the entire grain data chain. 

The combination of Javelot and Agrisight is a direct response to the current challenges facing the agricultural sector, which require the increasing integration of data and artificial intelligence technologies to optimise every stage of the supply chain. By combining their strengths and solutions, the two companies are more determined than ever to pursue the 3rd(digital) agricultural revolution beyond the field, across all the post-harvest stages that are crucial to the success of the agro-ecological transition.

Co-founded in 2018 by Félix Bonduelle and Vindicien Delcourt in Hauts-de-France, Javelot develops innovative connected solutions to limit insecticides and reduce energy consumption in agricultural storage. Historically renowned for its platform for optimising grain stocks, already used by around a hundred major companies, representing 15% of storage in France, Javelot is now taking a new step forward in its ambition to become the leader in the digital transformation of the post-harvest sector.

A digital twin to optimise logistics flows and sales performance

Agrisight offers cooperatives and traders the opportunity to create a digital twin within its platform, in other words a virtual model of their organisationThis includes the characteristics of sites, products and means of transport, and takes into account all costs, whether logistical, linked to the operation of silos or product operations. 

Once this twin has been modelled, and thanks to Agrisight's algorithms, storage organisations can draw up optimised collection and distribution plans, thereby improving the efficiency of their supply chain management. By integrating sales prices, the solution also enables them to allocate the best quantities per outlet in order tooptimise sales. Four modules are available: transport and storage planning; sales forecasting and management; sales arbitration; and finally, execution management to monitor and adjust flows as early as possible. A collection forecasting module is currently being developed to complement this offer.

This professionalisation of flow management is aimed at improving the the gross margin and environmental performance of the agricultural supply chain the flow of more than, with logistics optimisation constituting one of the main sources of value creation for post-harvest players. To date, the solution has optimised 7 million tonnes of grain across 600 sites.

In concrete terms, Javelot's structure will evolve towards an organisation of two subsidiaries: one dedicated to the historic activity of optimising grain stocks and the other dedicated to optimising the supply chain and commercial performance of cooperatives and traders, together employing nearly 60 people.

« Our companies are highly complementary," explains Félix Bonduelle, CEO and co-founder of Javelot. Agrisight will enable us to rapidly offer our customers a new range of logistics services. The solution is extremely powerful and flexible, and well suited to the specific needs of agricultural customers. Combined with Javelot's historical tools, it will undeniably be an asset to help us become an absolute force to be reckoned with on the French market by the end of 2023, and in Europe in 2024 »

« We were looking for a partner that would enable us to accelerate our development," says Pierre Boucher, CEO and co-founder of Agrisight. Javelot's already high level of market penetration and the complementary nature of our solutions make it the ideal partner for us to realise our ambitions and bring an even greater value to our users. ».

« Agrisight represents the quintessence of what we want to develop within our Startup Studio," comments Aimé Lachapelle, CEO of Kaukana Ventures : projects based on deep-tech innovations in data science and artificial intelligence, which provide original and effective solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow. Javelot's historic solutions, like those of Agrisight, help to make the post-harvest process simpler, more efficient and more responsible. Together, they will create even more value for the industry ».

About Javelot

Founded in 2018 by Félix Bonduelle and Vindicien Delcourt, Javelot offers a global platform for centralising cereal storage data, enabling its customers (cooperatives, traders and farmers) to optimise the economic and environmental performance of their storage. In addition to virtually eliminating the use of insecticides in storage, Javelot delivers substantial energy savings thanks to the intelligent ventilation control and simplifies the day-to-day work of its teams.

A member of French Tech 2030, Javelot has 46 employees, monitors 15% of the French market and is currently developing across Europe. 

About Agrisight

Incubated since 2020 within Kaukana Ventures, the startup studio of the Emerton Data consultancy firm, Agrisight has developed a SaaS solution that makes it possible to forecast, optimise and manage agricultural flows and the commercial performance of cooperatives and traders via a single, integrated, real-time platform. This modular platform reduces logistics costs, increases margins and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. 

Agrisight has 10 employees, and the solution is already being used to optimise the flow of over 7 million tonnes of grain at more than 600 sites.

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